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NEW! Sheep/Lambskin Leather hide. Please read complete description!

I sell 2 kinds of leather sheep/lambskin hides. Both are outstanding for use in Ecoprinting or Botanical printing.

Lambskin 1 (see photo) is a separate listing and I refer to as lambskin 1 in the photo and I have sold this for years. It is thinner, softer, a little smaller, has trimmed edges and used in a number of applications. Lambskin 2 (this listing) is a bit heavier, referred to as sheep hide (no hair) a bit more gray in color from the tanning and the edges are left rough. These hides are larger, average .035” to .044” in thickness or 1.1 to 1.4 ounces. Each averages 5.5-6.5 square feet in area. All are off-white in color with a grayish tinge. They are NOT pure white as no finish has been applied in the tanning process! These are what make it perfect for the imprinting processes of ecoprinting and botanical printing!

Sizes and thickness may and probably will vary slightly due to size variations in the animals. The grain side of the leather is NOT finished with any dyes, embossing or additional processes thus they are not a processed white.

Because these are hides, they may not be uniformly perfect! Imperfections on the surface of each may be possible but will not affect your work with them! All hides will have a small stamp mark on the flesh side. Please note that the tanning process may, under certain lights, give a slight gray cast to the hide. That does NOT affect whatever you do with the leather so I have listed it as off-white.

This leather can also be used in a Cricut, Big Shot or Silhouette machine.

I work with a lot of leather in my art and this leather is ideal for use in bookmaking, handbags, shoes, linings and similar leather crafts. The leather is strong, yet supple and can be sewn (carefully) using your home sewing machine. Just use a leather needle and a walking foot. It is the same lambskin I use in my workshops.

Please note that any pure white leather sold on the market has had the additional of a finish added to the grain side (such as you find in cars or leather furniture) The "feel" is much harder than this softer leather which has NO finish.

If you have questions about the two lambskin hides, ask me first!

Check out my PDF Tutorial on Ecoprinting on Leather in Color and Natural (and especially if you are not US based as my leather section has information to find and select leather in your area!)

Visit my website to find out about workshops!

Leather Sheep, Lambskin Hide 2, New for Ecoprint, Botanical Print, 1.1-1.5 ounce

SKU: prod-7b62d1fc9da5a930f28d81f9b5bdcf
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