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About The Silk Thread

Ecoprinting : the collecting of Nature’s plants, leaves and flowers and through a natural steaming process, imprinting them onto the fabric to create colors, designs and faux textures. Natural pieces are the actual colors released by the tannin in the plant on that day.  Those Colors vary with the plant, time of day, moon cycles, weather patterns and seasons of the year. I am one of only a very few in the United States who ecoprints on leather.


Hand Dyed: I use natural, organic dyes from plants and trees  or low impact  synthetic dyes. The dyes may be used alone or in combination with Ecoprinted pieces.


Hand Painted: All  hand painted designs are hand drawn by me without the use of computers or templates. I may  use them in combination with Hand dyed and/or Ecoprinted clothing and accessories.

Hand Sewn: Everything is made by my hands! So everything is one of a kind from my garments to my leather handbags and accessories.  Until  I find energetic elves to help me, my inventory level will fluctuate!


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