Well 2020 was quite an unusual year! As a result of restrictions across the country lots of new things changed everywhere including my own studio!

What changed here for in studio for 2021?

  1. Smaller classes (6 or less)

  2. COVID vaccinations are required since they are available to all age groups.

Updates for 2021!

ONLINE LIVE workshops have been great! Check the drop down menu!

  1. New PDF tutorials coming!

  2. Check my Facebook event page for my in-person workshops in other states!

Tutorials Available: My PDF's are comprehensive, well written and complete with everything you need to know to either start or add to your knowledge of ecoprinting at all levels!  More information on each Tutorial in the drop down menu!

Ecoprint on Leather- in Color and Natural -55 pages of photos and information!
DIY Ecoprint on Paper- in Color and Natural-65 pages of photos and techniques!

Ecoprint on Silk and Wool-Naturally-35 pages of photos and techniques!

Ecoprint in Color-on Silk and Wool-53 pages of photos and techniques!


Leather Ecoprint
Ecoprint in Color.jpg
Ecoprint in Color
Natural Ecoprint
Paper Ecoprint

Learn to Ecoprint on Silk and Wool Naturally PDF Tutorial

Start at the beginning! 35 pages of photos and techniques for learning to ecoprint (or botanically imprint) on silk or wool naturally. This is where it all began! Let Nature do the work and create her own designs and colors from your plant selections!  Complete information in my shop! Instant download!