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My instant download PDF's are comprehensive, full of photos and complete with everything you need to know to either start or add to your knowledge of ecoprinting at all levels!  More information on each Tutorial in the drop down menu! I recommend printing them out on both sides, inserting in a binder and taking notes as you refer to them!

Ecoprint on Leather- in Color and Natural -66 pages of photos and information!
DIY Ecoprint on Paper- in Color and Natural-65 pages of photos and techniques!

Ecoprint on Silk and Wool-Naturally-35 pages of photos and techniques!

Ecoprint in Color-on all Fabrics-61 pages of photos and techniques!

NEW! Make it! Sell it!  My instant download Ebook/PDF on adding a stream of income through the sales of your artisan products! 59 pages and 30 years of knowledge!
Leather Ecoprint
Natural Ecoprint
Graphics Ecoprint color.jpg
Ecoprint in Color
Paper Ecoprint
Make it Sell it! cover.jpg
Make It! Sell It!
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