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Learn to Ecoprint on Silk and Wool Naturally

with M Theresa Brown


Start at the beginning! This is where it all began! When I first did any form of botanical printing decades ago, there was simply Nature and her gifts! Spend a little time learning the subtle nuances and delicate colors that are hidden within the common weed or leaf!

35 pages of photos and techniques for learning to ecoprint (or botanically imprint) on silk or wool naturally. Let Nature do the work and create her own designs and colors from your plant selections!  Complete information in the link! Instant download!

• Step by step instructions, images and photos from preparing your fabric to creating unique, one-of-a-kind works of art on silk or wool!

• Equipment -what you need and how to use it (most of which you already have!)

• All about plants, leaves, weeds and flowers

• Mordants -what I use and where to find them and why we use them (I have a bundled kit!)

• Sources for wool, silk and mordants (I also have a bundled kit!)

• Special “Theresa’s Tips” for successful imprints that will last for years!

* Links to How To videos on my YouTube channel!

Need supplies? I have a kit created just for this Tutorial!


  $39.95  Link for additional info and to Purchase








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