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This lovely green silk ruana combines shades of green and yellow for its unique look!  It is  approximately 45" x 54" and one size fits all! Model is 5'10".

Handcrafted in my studio from my own design, this beautiful garment simply wraps around the shoulders and can be worn in a variety of flattering ways. It drapes beautifully and can be looped in the front or used with a scarf slide. Flip up one side over the shoulder or both. Tie the corners for a kimono look! This is a lovely statement piece for all events! Pure silk and can be paired with dresses or jeans! The design is also on both sides of the fabric making it reversible.

Please note that colors may appear slightly different on your monitor.

Easy care: Hand wash in cold water (or on that setting on machine), drip dry or quick tumble dry in moderate heat in dryer.

Totally sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly fashion art.

Silk Ruana, Kimono Wrap, Shawl, Lovely Shades of Green with Hints of Yellow, Han

SKU : prod-66de3e03795de7d5adc2000c8886f6
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