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How to Ecoprint on Leather in Color and Natural

by M Theresa Brown
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My PDF TUTORIAL on Ecoprint in Leather is 66 pages packed full of details and photos of how I work on Leather. It is the same techniques I share with my students in my popular online and in person workshops across the USA.

There is nothing out there like this! As a bonus there is a private Facebook group for my students and purchasers. In addition, there are private links to my YouTube videos to help you see some of the techniques that are shared and only available to you with this Tutorial!

What is in the Tutorial:

  • 66 pages of Step by step instructions and photos detailing the steps and procedures


  • LEATHER-everything you need to know to understand, locate, select and work with leathers that accept ecoprinting no matter where you live! You do not  need to import your leather from another country.


  •  EQUIPMENT-what you need and how to use it (most of which you already have!)


  •  LEAVES-All about plants, leaves, weeds and flowers and their uses on Leather.


  •  MORDANTS- descriptions and ratios of 4 common mordants that I use.


  •  CARE-and conditioning of your leather.


  •  DYES- easy to use selections for permanent results


  •  TOOLS- cross over tools many crafters already have for leather work.


  •  SOURCES for leather, dyes and mordants, suppliers and tools (in US and online)

  •  “Theresa’s Tips” for successful permanent plant imprints.


  •  FACEBOOK GROUP-private group exclusively for my students and Tutorial buyers to learn more


  • EXCLUSIVE (and private) LINKS for students to my YouTube channel to help you see different techniques from the Tutorial.

I am the first instructor to teach this in the US!

Additional information on the link! Purchase here   $69.95

Look for my Maker's Workshops!

Learn tips and techniques for turning your leather into a finished product!

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