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This beautiful ecoprinted silk scarf has a bold design of mainly oak and maple leaves with a scattering of rose leaves. A combination of natural tannins causes bold images to pop from the surface design.  The scarf is 8" x 72" pure silk.  The beautiful deep purple/maroon color is an additional step and is designed to leave the ends natural with the additional color in the body of the silk scarf! Layers of leaves!

My eco-friendly technique creates detailed shapes and colors of the actual plant matter that I use.

Eco printing or botanical printing is foraging and collecting of Nature's leaves, plants, fruit and flowers to imprint on different surfaces. The natural designs and colors are drawn directly from the plant matter.

A unique and unusual gift! Totally sustainable, renewable and eco-friendly art form. Wear as a beautiful scarf or display it as a wall hanging in home or office!

Everything hand done in my rural North Carolina studio!

Easy care: Hand wash in cool water, drip dry, iron as needed.

Maroon Deep Purple Ecoprinted Silk Scarf. All Natural Leaf & Plant Imprints from

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