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Georgeous, one of a kind handbag! I used Leaves, flowers and plants to ecoprinte onto my Leather. Hand crafted in my NC studio.

This unique red handbag showcases my ecoprinted (botanical) designs on both the exterior and interior of the bag. I combined it with contrasting brown leather on the boxed bottom, and 1" wide shoulder/arm straps. The bag is 14" high x 12" wide by 3" deep with an interior packet and zippered closure. It's a perfect size for carrying your essentials without being a suitcase! Handcrafted by me and finished with stylish silver rivets. The soft, 1" wide straps are designed for over the arm or shoulder comfort.

I ecoprint on both fabric and leather and the results are one of a kind. I collect various leaves and foliage from my NC farm and through a natural process, imprint them onto leather. I handcraft the hides into handbags, journals, accessories and clothing. The colors you see are the actual colors Nature released to me that day as I imprinted my pieces. An additional step in some pieces is the addition of dyes.

This is a Leather handbag that speaks directly to lovers of Nature! It is not "just" another leather handbag but a leather bag with a design not found on leather sites anywhere! :-)

Everything hand done by me in my North Carolina studio.

Gorgeous Red Ecoprinted Leather Shoulder Purse, Designs Created from Leaves,Flow

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