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Where can you join me to Ecoprint on Leather?

2023 is the first year I have offered one day "Ecoprint on Leather" classes in person at a few of the the events I participate in! Last year I offered 1 day online Zoom workshops that enabled long distance opportunities for learning. But most of my hands on have ranged from 2-5 days so offering one day workshops is a plus to get the ball rolling!

So regardless of your experience level, a one day workshop can offer you the opportunity to see if ecoprinting on leather is an area you would like to pursue!

Where will I be?

You can always use the workshop drop down menu to find additional, different workshops!

Fun news! I am scheduled to teach a week long Ecoprint and Maker's workshop the end of March 2024 at the super cool John C Campbell folk school! Located in the NC mountains, if you have never attended this historic school, check it out!

And finally, a warm day of making dye blankets in a Chinese red (seen drying on the line!) The resulting red background on ecoprinted silk makes it all worthwhile!

More videos coming soon! I promise! -Theresa


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