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LIVE and ONLINE workshops!

Yes, they are here! While I am busy filming and then slowly editing my "on demand" workshops, I have enjoyed the challenges of presenting live, online workshops via ZOOM!

Interested in knowing more? Well my next workshop is Nov 14. Ii is a one day live workshops on Basic Ecoprinting! Oh my the colors you can create with simply the tannin from the leaves. Fall is here big time in eastern US and leaves are scattered across the ground waiting to be rescued by you!

Coming up! ONE DAY Ecoprint on Leather workshops-live and online for experienced Ecoprinters! Sat, Nov 28 and Dec 5. You really do need to know something about mordants, dyes and basic ecoprinting as well as pre-order the leather kits in order to do this in one day. But I have already had 2 weekend workshops that were highly successful so hurry!

I also have a Facebook page specifically for Ecoprint on Leather for those who have been to my workshops (in person or on line) or purchased my Tutorial!

Join me live in any of the next 3 upcoming 1 day workshops!

Collect your LEAVES!

Now is the time to start getting your winter supply of leaves together! An earlier blog of mine shares details but I want to add that there are many ways to store your fall leaves! If you have a chest freezer or some means of stacking leaves between paper of newspaper you can of course freeze them flat. They work beautifully when used and you do not have to "defrost" them- they soften quickly and are as fresh as if newly picked!

Although I will simply store my broad leafed plants in plastic bags (not sealed) and store under a shed, delicate leaves should be layered between sheets of paper, paper towels, newsprint or something slightly absorbent. They will be brittle but half hour before use, soak them in a pan or bucket of water to "re-hydrate" and soften up-works all the time!

For the most up-to-date information on the goings on at The Silk Thread (and me!) go to my Facebook page!

Until next time!


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