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Can't make one of my workshops? The solution below!


It seems pretty apparent that we are all hunkering down to try and control the spread of the Coronavirus. The Carolina Fiber Fest where I was both teaching and vendoring  March 13-14 was canceled at the last minute after the NC governor announced that all events with over 100 people should be canceled. I am not going to dwell on COVID-19 and all the negativity by the media since we are getting minute by minute updates-both true and false. I have been in contact with all my upcoming workshop students with plans and options and calm reason is the order of the day! My thoughts were that as long as we are all staying more at home for at least a few weeks, then we might as well be productive! All those creative ideas you have put off? Well now is the time to put them into action! So far I have created two PDF Tutorials-both are on Ecoprinting -one with silk and wool (in last newsletter) and one with Leather. Both are comprehensive, full of photos and tips as well as links to my YouTube channel. I am  including a 10% discount coupon in this newsletter for anything in my shop and that will include the Tutorials, leather and accessories! So below are the Tutorials. Click on the link to go to my shop where your 10% discount will be applied! Ecoprint on Silk and Wool Tutorial Learn the Core techniques in a comprehensive 35 page PDF tutorial on Ecoprinting on Silk and Wool! I teach this workshop at many Fiber Shows. If you cannot make a physical workshop then it is a cost effective way to step into  the wonders of Ecoprinting. Many images and with an emphasis on working with what is in your own backyard!  It is a great refresher  for those who have participated  in my workshops and are eager to re-start as spring approaches! It's in my shop and an Instant download! And yes-more coming soon on paper, hand painting and felting.....ask me!. Also I share tips and techniques with videos on my YouTube channel for you to enjoy! Check out my latest video on "Quick way to wrap ecoprinted bundles!"

Every ecoprint in this collage was created with my Core  techniques, no dyes and easy to find plants! Ecoprinting on Leather in Color and Natural

This is a lot of information in my Tutorial Ecoprinting on Leather in Color and Natural and it is a fabulous refresher for previous students from my workshops on leather as well as a solution for those too far away to come to a physical workshop or are hunkering down in their studios right now! There is nothing else out there like it-nothing else that will put you on the ground running! Additionally I have the leather that I ship same day or day after you order (apply your coupon!) If you live in another country, this Tutorial shows you what you need, how to find it and what works, saving you tons of money in the learning process! And no it is not the cheapest Tutorial out there but I guarantee it is the one that will have you creating within 48 hours!

Want a Testimonial?  Hi Theresa, Have started a thorough reading and note taking on your tutorial….had to stop to send you this email.  Your tutorial is fabulous, thorough and so well written - and I’m only just into it.  I had purchased 2 tutorials on eco printing leather before signing up for your workshop, neither were any where near the quality of yours.  Many, many thanks!   Well, back to reading and note taking!

I still plan to come to a workshop in the future!


The popular kidskin which I use in my workshops. In my shop now. This leather can be sewn with the average home sewing machine as long as you have a walking foot and leather needles!  There is also a heavier cowhide that is excellent-also in my shop. You can make clothing with the kidskins. (see vest below)

Heavier Leather-Cowhide

Heavier, 4-5 OZ leather for ecoprinting-in my shop. These come from one big hide and I cut them into manageable sections. Perfect for the heavier weight leather items you want to make! See clutch bag below

When I purchase cowhide, it comes something like what you see below which is HALF of a hide!

So break out the sewing machine, the dye vats, the knitting, paints and canvases or whatever your creative mind wants and make the most of this time!


2020 updates

Coming Soon: Hand painting, book making.....keep watch! March 13-14, 2020, Raleigh, NC-   Carolina Fiber Fest  CANCELED I will be teaching several workshops here again this year. Registration will open soon.   April 3-5, 2020 -Nature Immersion Ecoprint Retreat-NC  This is still on! April 18-19,2020  Franklinton Studio, NC -Ecoprint on Leather   This is still on! April 25-26, 2020 NC-Second Ecoprint on Leather Workshop (it is on!)

April 29-May 3, 2020 -Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival I will be teaching 3 full days at this event in Maryland beginning April 29-all involved ecoprinting on wool. Basics, in color and a wallhanging!  To my knowledge, .This is still on! May 16-17 Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival I will be teaching 2 ecoprint workshops: Core printing and using dye blankets on wool. Workshops are not live yet on site!  To my knowledge, .This is still on! May 29-31 NC-Nature and Ecoprint Retreat in NC.This is still on! June 4-6, 2020-Blue Ridge Fiber Fest in Sparta, NC   To my knowledge, .This is still on!

June 27-28-cEcoprint on Leather in my NC Studio!

Thank you! -Theresa

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