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Happy Holidays and Red Poinsettias!

Dec 22, 2023

Wow, not only is it the Holidays for so many people worldwide, but it is also the Winter Solstice today AND Christmas is literally a few days away!

There is so much already scheduled on my calendar for 2024 and I will be traveling from NC to GA to Kansas to Chicago and everywhere in between it seems! I am so grateful to so many organizations for the opportunities to share my knowledge with so many students. Look for new classes, new locations as well as many of the same popular locations :-). Check the drop down menu of my website for all the workshops!

If you have some beautiful Christmas plants in the house, keep them happy since they are often great winter printers! The ever popular Poinsettia is a great ecoprinter. The red leaves will print the tannin within the leaf. But a red leaf dipped in iron mordant can turn the imprints to a purple shade. This is where you experiment!

The popular Poinsettia

This will be short and sweet as this time of year is crazy busy for so many!

Happy Holidays and see you in 2024!



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Happy Winter Solstice! Spring is coming! :-)

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