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Ecoprinting Kit! Perfect introduction combo package for the ecoprinter!

These high quality silk and wool scarf length sections are part of a kit that I use at the big venues where I teach I have enhanced the kits with the addition of a few of my favorite and most useful mordants (which are necessary to make your leaf printing permanent on your fabric!) Mordants can also influence the colors of the imprints in your final pieces.

These kits are the perfect companion to my best selling PDF Tutorial "Ecoprint Naturally"

2 Mordant Packages includes:

* 1 8mm white pure silk habatoi scarf, 8" x 54" This is a machine hemmed scarf

* 1 scarf length section of pure merino wool 8" x 60" The edges are unfinished.

* 1/2 oz package of ferrous sulfate (iron)-a mordant

* 1/2 oz package of Potassium Aluminum Sulfate (alum) -a mordant

* Comprehensive Info sheet on measuring and ratios for mixing your mordants

4 Mordant kit is identical to the 2 mordant combo kit but with the addition of mordants

* copper sulfate

* titanium oxalate

Ecoprinting is collecting leaves, flowers and plants and imprinting them onto your wool and silk in an easy to learn wildcrafting technique (in my PDF) using what Mother Nature has shared with you in her plants!

Enjoy a whole new world of Nature from your own backyard! All the pieces in the images were done without the addition of dyes-those are Nature's colors!

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Silk, Wool plus Mordants Combo Package,User Ready,Mixing Instructions,Natural Dy

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