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My handcrafted, Ecoprinted  book. Cute little miniature! Not only did I glue all the cover papers/fabrics, hand fold every sheet and hand stitch every signature of all the books you see in my shop BUT I made all the fabrics and papers you see on the covers and within some of the books! Handmade books and journals are a labor of love!  Perfect for any journal use or a place to keep your most treasured secrets and memories. 

Although miniature, You can use this unique, one of a kind book for so many things!

- Art journal

- Scrapbook

- Eco Air B&B

- Junk journal

- Wedding or shower guest book

- Wedding photo album

- Smash book

- Travel journal

- Dream journal

- Baby book

- Gratitude journaling

- Covers vary and are created with my hand crafted papers and/or silk fabrics. I recycle the leftover fabric from the silk garments that I make or the paper I make from from my ecoprinting to create covers that NO One else has! I have either hand painted or ecoprinted the silk fabric. They are sealed to help protect them from dirt and wear and tear.

Eco printing involves collecting, then processing Nature's leaves, plants, fruit and flowers to create the actual colors, designs and textured look of the plants on fiber or paper. The colors are the ACTUAL colors the plants release to me! Totally sustainable, renewable and organic art form.

- For this journal: Handmade Ecoprinted front and back covers attached to cid free chipboard. The design is from the actual plants that I used in the process.

- Bound with waxed hemp thread

- This beautiful little book measures just 2.75 x 3.50 inches

- 20 pages of white 90 lb weight sketch paper

- Includes 1 recycled silk eco-printed (by me) ribbon bookmarks

- All materials are acid-free and eco friendly

The gorgeous colors you see in this book are Nature's actual colors. A unique and unusual gift that cannot be found in any store!

Colors can vary depending on your computer and your monitor may not pick up the soft shades and subtle prints in my ecoprinted silks. Everything handbound and handmade with that comes the charming non-precision of papers being folded and used in a small North Carolina studio located in the rural Piedmont section of the state. Each of my silk pieces and paintings are unique.

Handmade books and journals are a true labor of love!

Thanks for looking!

Handmade Journal, EcoPrinted Book, Guest Book, Junk Journal, Wedding, Natural Co

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