Wearing Nature’s Colors

There’s nothing like silk!

Truly-there is nothing like the look and feel of silk! Soft and luxurious or earthy and light, nothing compares to this all natural, sustainable fabric against the skin.

And nothing speaks to the soul as eloquently as wearing Mother Nature’s colors imprinted naturally onto silk fabrics. For me,  wearing creations that come from Nature and to experience both the natural colors the leaves give up during my process or the results of natural dye additions is the journey I enjoy most!

The wide variety of natural colors from the leaves on silk

Let the look of my handcrafted garments tell their own story!

Custom made silk noil tunic

Handcrafted silk noil dress imprinted with leaves.

Handcrafted poncho dyed with cochineal

Handcrafted poncho of silk noil

A stylish fit

Ecoprinted long silk scarf.

Indigo dyed Silk dress

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