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Alpacas, peg looms and weaving sticks!

Way back in college, I took a weaving class and managed to squeak by with a “D”. No joke. I loved the weaving part, but the big old floor looms required threading heddles and to a poor college student who had no transportation,  the eventual yarn I purchased for the warp was too stretchy. And although I made a beautiful (to me) wall hanging for my final project, it was not of the technical skill my instructor was looking for 🙂

Enter the peg loom and weaving sticks!

Working with my peg loom!

So I am all about simple, easy and yet with great results! After more than 25 years as a self employed portrait artist I am way past that “suffer for my art” nonsense 🙂 So you can imagine my delight when, with no instructor looming over me (haha, a pun) I managed to make my first peg loom weaving. I am hooked. I used yarn of course but looking forward to using my silk and silk sari ribbons for something unusual!

But then, what else did I try? Weaving sticks! SO simple, so much fun and I could play “old lady” in front of the fire with my sticks in my hand, balls of yarn in the basket and Louie (my dad’s old cockapoo we inherited) on the arm of the easy chair and just eave away! I can just about finish a scarf during one Columbo rerun. Definitely through a Miss Marple 🙂

My basket of yarn with my weaving sticks

Never one for halfway measures, I added Bella to my menagerie of 2 ponies, 18 chickens and 5 dogs. Shearing will be in April when a nearby alpaca farm brings in the shearers…I better learn how to use that drop spindle if I want her fiber lol!

Bella, the baby alpaca

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