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Traveling Workshops

Want me to come to you? I receive many requests to come teach workshops in various locations! I am honored that you would like to learn from me. Traveling either by car or plane requires a lot of pre-planning 🙂 Many of my requests start by asking for a price but I cannot give a rate until I know details.

  • How much equipment would I need to bring to a location?

  • How many students are expected?

  • Do you have an indoor location big enough for your participants?

  • Are there enough tables and chairs?

  • Do you have access to water, sinks and your own steamers or big pots?

  • Is there electrical power?

  • A place I can stay?

  • Available dates?


A well planned event can be hugely fun and exciting and I am happy to be a part of that.  Your location does not have to be state of the art! Contact me now for available dates in 2024!


UPDATE: As my instructor workshop calendar fills for 2024, I am now looking at 2025 dates! COVID-19 pandemic certainly changed how we do things! Masks are no longer required but I continue to monitor CDC updates. We all want to be smart!


What do I TEACH in FIBER ARTS? See accompanying photos for many below!

  • Ecoprinting on leather-Learn the correct leathers, techniques, processing and resources. a one day Beginner friendly workshop. I was the first to teach this technique and this one is a great introduction! A 2 day os also available with the second day working with a heavier leather.

  • Ecoprint on Leather Maker's Workshop- This workshop is a minimum of 3-5 days and is a comprehensive workshop on ecoprinting leather and making several products with your ecoprinted leather. That can vary depending on needs. Anything from leather jewelry to book covers to handbags and even shoes!

  • Ecoprint on Paper and Bookmaking-Ecoprint on paper and make a book. Often used in conjunction with leather ecoprinting

  • Learn to Ecoprint! The perfect introduction class to the outdoor world of plants and Ecoprinting! Learn about leaves, mordants and various fabrics from silk to cotton.

  • Ecoprint on Silk and WOOL-a very popular introduction class to protein fibers! All Natural-no additional dyes.

  • Ecoprint in Color-Add a little pizzazz to your ecoprinted silk (or wool) Often taught in conjunction with the Ecoprint Naturally (taught first.) 

  • Color using Natural Dyes -a beginner class learning to pick and use certain plants to create natural dyes.

  • Silk painting-learning to hand draw, then paint on silk using several techniques for resist and hand paints.

  • Block printing your own Design-Learn to design, carve and print with your own design on a tote bag and paper. 

  • Indigo dyeing-learn to make a vat and working with various fibers and designs.

  • Large scale Ecoprinting and Color work .Work on large pieces of Silk and use a dye blanket to achieve colors. Learn how to ecoprint and then compact your yardage.

  • Needle felting on Ecoprinted SILK or WOOL to make a wallhanging. USually a 2 day class with ecoprinting on day one, design layout and embellishing the ecoprinted piece with needle felted designs on day 2.

  • Easy dye silk scarves-a popular silk painting class for ALL ages (even children!) No steam, no heat set Colorhue dyes on silk.

oak leaves on SIlk.jpg
EcoprintLeatherstudentwork - Copy.jpg

What Do I teach besides Fiber Arts? 

Oh my, both my artist Hubby Stephen Filasky and I have been self employed most of our lives as artists versed in Portraits (my specialty) in all mediums from pencils to pastels to oils! Steve is known for his Plein Air landscapes in oils and his goldleaf lettering and design! Many of our popular group workshops are “How to” in acrylics. We created a number of “How to” videos with the nationwide art supplier as well as numerous workshops in painting. So sure, if adding  painting is in your agenda, we would love to share what hundreds of students have learned from us!

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