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   Ecoprint in COLOR!
with M Theresa Brown

Graphics Ecoprint color.jpg

ECOPRINT in COLOR! Learn the techniques to create gorgeous background colors on your ecoprinted pieces! This comprehensive tutorial introduces you to techniques to create your own beautiful prints in COLOR on silk, wool, cotton and other fabric with the leaves and plants you have gathered from your own yard or neighborhood! Full of information about how to achieve those gorgeous colors using your preferred dyes, leaves and mordants and the techniques to use on both protein and cellulose fibers.

 $39.95  More information and to Purchase here: 

Ecoprint in COLOR is the same information I teach in my popular workshops across the USA! As an artist, I have worked in this art form for many years and my fiber art, fashions and accessories are in galleries and private collections around the world.

The Tutorial:

CONTENTS 66 pages of photos and techniques divided into chapters with numbered pages

  • Introduction

  • Chapter 1-The Basics of Ecoprinting-what it is and why it’s unique

  • Chapter 2- Leaves and Weeds and Flowers!

    • Part 1: Mordants-what they do and how they influence your designs!

  • Chapter 3- Equipment for Ecoprinting -what you need to start

  • Chapter 4- Ecoprinting in Color-The DYES -the differences: Natural, Synthetic and Organic

  • Chapter 5- Color Ecoprinting

    • Part 1 -Mixing your dye  (demo with synthetic dye)

    • Part 2 -Ecoprinting with the dye blanket-the techniques regardless of dyes used!

  • Chapter 6- Additional techniques for Color Ecoprinting

  • Chapter 7- About Theresa-all that bio stuff!

  • Chapter 8- Resource List-sources for supplies, and my YouTube channel

Need supplies? I have a kit created just for this Tutorial with pre-dyed blankets and used in my online workshops!

Want to try one or two pre-dyed blankets before mixing your own dye? I have some available for protein fibers (specifically silk or wool scarves) HERE

Each one can re-used up to 4 times before re-dyeing!


Working with yardage!

class results.jpg

Student Results!

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