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Perfect Leather section of cowhide for ecoprinting project!  I work with a lot of leather and have searched far and wide for leather which will best take the Ecoprint processes I work with! This beautiful, heavier leather is ideal for use in bookmaking, wallets, handbags and similar leather crafts. It is not a tooling leather. The leather is strong, yet supple. It is a bit too heavy for clothing although a vest would work. Works best stitched by hand or industrial machine, not (usually) a domestic sewing machine. 

This section is 10” wide x 50” long with a small hole near one end. (I incorporate the holes into my handbags!) It offers opportunities for the ecoprinting leather crafters to create several projects from the one piece!

It is also one of the leathers that I use in my Ecoprint on Leather workshops and I keep them on hand for my students. Each piece will average 3-4 ounces thick (3/64″-1/16″ or more) in thickness. I have cut sections into different sizes from a full hide and each piece is measured and weighed individually. All are slightly off-white in color. This leather is occasionally referred to as “crust” leather as the grain side is not finished with dyes, embossing or additional processes. For the processes that I use it for, it is perfect and takes my botanical printing techniques beautifully on both sides. Please note shape. I cut these sections from full hides and you get this exact piece complete with any surface blemishes or marks. :-) That is the nature of hides.

Handbag Examples were created with this leather. Video clip of student ecoprinted work using this heavier leather :-)

If you want to learn my Botanical printing / Ecoprinting on Leather techniques Check out my PDF Tutorial on "Ecoprinting on Leather Natural and in Color" (and especially if you are not US based as my leather section has information to find and select leather in your area!)

Thanks for stopping by!

Leather Section, 10"× 50",Strong, Medium weight, Supple Cowhide, Project Ready,

SKU: prod-a0f58ae42531685f953ba9b936b216
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