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Not sure which leather to get? This Leather sample pack has the sections of what I use. The 7-8"×12" is soft, medium weight section of cowhide. 4-5oz. Just right for a book cover!  The lambskin is lightweight .09-1.1 oz and 8"×13". See examples I made in photos. 

I work with a lot of leather and have searched far and wide for leather which will take the processes I work with! The beautiful heavier leather is ideal for use in bookmaking, wallets, handbags and similar leather crafts. Not a tooling leather.

The lightweight lambskin can be sewn with a home sewing machine opening up all kinds of possibilities. Both leathers are strong, yet supple, with a bit of stretch. Each pack has approximately the same size leathers. None are smaller than 7"×12"!

*Sample pack 1 with both the lambskin and cowhide ($16.00)

*Sample pack 2 with one section of 8" x 12" heavier leather ($10.00)

They are also the leathers that I use in my workshops and I keep them on hand for my students. Off-white in color. This leather is occasionally referred to as “crust” leather as the grain side is not finished with dyes, embossing or additional processes. For the processes that I use it for, it is perfect and takes my botanical printing techniques beautifully on both sides. Examples were created with this leather.

Shipping for sample pack is calculated per weight to your location.

If you want to learn Botanical (Ecoprinting) printing on Leather (see finished examples in photos of this leather) Check out my PDF Tutorial on Ecoprinting on Leather Natural and in Color (and especially if you are not US based as my leather section has information to find and select leather in your area!)

Thanks for stopping by!

Leather Sample Pack for Ecoprinting, Lambskin and Cowhide, Different weights, Pr

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