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This lovely silk scarf's design is created from assorted leaves such as pecan, pecan catkins and weeds.  I collected all from my NC farm. The scarf length is 8" x 72" and it is pure silk. The rich kaleidoscope of colors come naturally from the tannins in the leaves.  Every scarf comes with a tag with the story of its making. A unique and unusual gift! 

Ecoprinting is botanical printing. It is collecting and processing Nature's leaves, plants and flowers to create rich, beautiful, permanent prints onto protein fibers such as silk and wool and even leather. You will often see both the negative and positive imprints from the leaves. The colors and shapes are the ACTUAL colors from the plants that are released during the process. Slow fashion sustainability at its best.

Each piece is hand created by me, artist M Theresa Brown on my rural North Carolina farm studio!

Care: hand wash in cool water with mild soap, drip dry, iron as needed.

Silk Scarf, Bold Ecoprinted Designs & Colors From Pecan, Rose and Catkins, 8" x

SKU : prod-e4cbb7a7f181f291cb6fdb5a358478
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