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ECOPRINT in COLOR! Learn the TECHNIQUES I have taught to hundreds of students  to create gorgeous background colors on your ecoprinted pieces! This popular tutorial takes the mystery out of those gorgeous colored ecoprints you have seen and introduces you to the TECHNIQUES to create your own beautiful prints in COLOR on silk, wool, cotton or linen with the leaves and plants you have gathered from your own yard or neighborhood! Full of information about how to achieve those gorgeous colors using your preferred dyes, leaves, mordants, and the techniques which work for both protein and cellulose fibers!

All the techniques in this Tutorial can be used on all fibers such as silk, wool, cotton and linen (cellulose fibers) regardless of the dye you prefer!

I explain the dye differences in Chapter 4. Protein fibers however, will give you your best results in ecoprinting! This is NOT a Tutorial on any one specific dye group but the techniques that can be used with any dye suitable for the fabric you are working on!

Check out the details in the chapters below:

Ecoprint in COLOR is information I teach in my popular workshops across the USA! As an artist, I have worked in this art form for many years and my fiber art, fashions and accessories are in galleries and private collections around the world.

The Tutorial:

CONTENTS 66 pages of photos and techniques divided into easy to follow chapters with numbered pages. You'll find my Introduction, learn the Basics of Ecoprinting. FInd detailed chapters about leaves and weeds and flowers! Learn all about mordanta, equipment for ecoprinting, all about the DYES (Natural, Synthetic and Organic). I share about mixing your dyes, step by step techniques and photos for all fabrics, plus additional techniques for adding color. You'll find lots of resources and links to my YouTube Channel as well!

Need supplies? I have a kit created just for this Tutorial and used in my online workshops (for protein fibers) with pre-dyed blankets!

Want no mess, no fuss pre-dyed blankets suitable for protein (silk or wool) scarves? They are here:

You can see more of what I do at

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Ecoprint in COLOR on Silk, Wool, Cotton, PDF Tutorial, Botanical Printing,DIY E

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