Ecoprint in Color on Silk and Wool!  March 20, 12:00 pm-5:00pm EST

Live and Online


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Ecoprint in Colorl! Live - Online

Sat March 20: 12:00 PM-5:00 PM EST



Want to learn how to create those beautiful colored backgrounds when you ecoprint? Learn the basics of dye blankets to enhance your botanical printing! We'll work on Silk and Wool for best results but this technique can also be  used for other fibers. This is a  LIVE, ONLINE workshop for the afternoon of Sat February 13..


This afternoon workshop is a perfect workshop for those beginning to ecoprint (Botanical printing) or those needing a better understanding of the basics of dye blankets..

I'll be sharing my techniques from plant selection to how to mordant, bundle, dye and process your plants to create colorful designs!

What we will be doing:

We will be working on creating beautiful ecoprints on silk  and wool using a combination of Nature's plants and flowers and an assist with dye blankets to create our designs and colors. Using  easy to follow  techniques you can go from ecoprinting on smaller silk pieces to much larger projects on silk yardage!

Supplies: Most of the utilitarian supplies we will use are already in your kitchen! A special kit for this workshop can be found here: 

For ease of use, pre-dyed "blankets" are included in the kit and you will learn to make your own!


We will be using ZOOM for this live broadcast. If you do not have a ZOOM account, it is easy to set one up here: It is free. I will be sending all participants an invite with a link and passcode a  day beforehand in an email. It will be easier for you to work with your laptop or iPad so you can see what is going on more clearly. I will be online via ZOOM about 30 minutes prior to the workshop so you can pop on early to test your connections! All details will go out in the email.


Before you sign up: Part of the challenge of a live workshop is making sure my students have everything ready to start! Upon registration you will get a supply list  with a step by step worksheet of prep work so everyone is ready when we start! Please make sure you can allow the time to pre-mix any rrequired supplies on the list!

Post Office deliveries have been slow so please don't wait till the last minute!

If you already have my  35 page PDF Tutorial on Ecoprinting on Silk and Wool, then you are already aware of the basic supplies needed with just a few exceptions! If you do not have the Tutorial, and would like to have a written version rather than keep notes during the live broadcast,  it is available HERE.




Total class fees of $100.00 for the afternoon (EST) LIVE ONLINE workshop (supplies not included.) 
Visit my page about workshop policies.

Total Payment $100.00