One day Online Live! 

Ecoprint on Leather June 16, 2021


Learn how to Ecoprint on Leather!

June 16, 2021

10:00 pm-3:00 pm EST


Learn how to Ecoprint on LEATHER  in Color and Natural LIVE Online!

1 day workshop!

Welcome to my 1 day workshop live and online!

*Date: WEDNESDAY, June 16, 2021

Time: EST zone: 10:00 am-3:00 pm  Please check your time zone. I am in North Carolina, USA on east coast

Price: $125.00 Supplies not included


Learn How to Ecoprint on Leather Naturally and in Color is a great introduction workshop to the world of leather in ecoprinting and designed to be suitable for all levels of experience! Ecoprinting uses the tannins, shapes and properties of Nature's leaves, plants and flowers to imprint those designs onto assorted substrates such as silk, wool, linen and other fibers. All substrates have their unique challenges to imprinting and none more so than leather!  But in this workshop, learn how to select the proper leathers as well as care and maintenance! You'll learn the techniques of creating imprints with designs in color and natural. All students become members to my private Ecoprint on Leather Facebook with M Theresa Brown group! 

What we will be doing:


We will be working on creating beautiful ecoprints on kidskin leather (only) using Nature's colors for a natural imprint natural and dyes for added color.

​Part of the challenge of a live workshop is making sure my students have everything ready to start! So I will have a step by step worksheet of prep work for you before we start so no one is left behind!

​There will be an opportunity at specific times to ask questions. I prefer that everyone uses the leather in the kits for optimum success. You can use your fresh leaves, stored dried leaves and/or store bought leaves and flowers!

Supplies: I have created 5 supply kits for my leather workshops which are for beginner-advanced.. For my 1 day live workshops, experienced ecoprinters probably have everything but the correct leather.  Check the kits in the link to see if you have everything! For this one day class you just need 1 kidskin hide which you can find here.

However you may enjoy a kit that includes the heavier leather as well, to continue to work on your own as it it what I use for my stand alone double sided handbags!

All students will receive an email upon registration with a list of any additional supplies needed. It is important to have all your supplies in hand before the workshop dates!

If you already have my PDF Tutorial, then you are probably aware of the supplies needed! If you do not have the 55 page Tutorial, it is available after the workshop at 50% off its regular price of $79.95 for those students who have competed the workshop! 

Format: We will be using ZOOM for this live broadcast. If you do not have a ZOOM account, it is easy to set one up here: It is free. I will be sending all participants an invite with a link and passcode to join a few days beforehand in an email. It will be easier for you to work with your laptop or iPad so you can see what is going on more clearly. I will be online via ZOOM about 15 minutes prior to the workshop so you can pop on early to test your connections! All details will go out in an email.

I have also created a Facebook group for participating students only, where results, questions and show and tell can continue full force!


The 1 day LIVE ONLINE course is $125.00  






Ecoprint on Leather, June 16, 2021


Total class fees  of $125.00 for the 1 day workshop (supplies not included.) 
Visit my page about workshop policies.

Total Payment $125.00