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Don’t quit your day job! Instead, add a stream or two of income from the sales of what you create!

Any artisan, no matter what you make, can create a stream of income if you have the road map to succeed! You supply the motivation and determination to sell your art product, and this Tutorial/ebook provides the directions to help you achieve your goals.

Jam packed with 59 pages of real information from M Theresa Brown, a long time self employed artisan with over 30 years of experience in successfully selling her art products. Perhaps you may have been at one of her motivational seminars or have her audio ebooks for the working artist and single mom artist published through Jerrysartarama?

There is no theory, just facts that work.from grassroots marketing to ecommerce. Choose from two business plans and work with her template. You’ll learn the steps to add a stream of income from your artisan product without quitting your day job or dumping your security net. Real facts and tips on everything from DIY website platforms to social media to physical places to sell your artisan product. Self employment is not for everyone BUT adding an additional stream of income is! Get your copy today!

The ebook/Tutorial:

CONTENTS 59 pages of photos divided into 7 chapters with numbered pages

•Cover page

•Table of Contents


In the Beginning, along the way, the here and now

•Chapter 1-What do you want to do?


•Chapter 2-The All-Important Business Plan

The Well Thought Out Plan

The Dose of Reality Plan

•Chapter 3-Paving the Way with Attitude

Your selling attitude

•Chapter 4-The Artisan Business Plan and Template

10 Steps to making your plan plus template

•Chapter 5-The Rule of Seven

Public’s buying habits

•Chapter 6- Hybrid Marketing- Combining Both Plans

Where to sell online and off

•Chapter 7- Bringing it all Together

Summarizing your success plan

See if you have what it takes to create a stream of income with your artisan product!

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Make it, Sell it, PDF Marketing Tutorial for Artisans, Craftsmen, Artists, How t

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