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Mordants Sample Package. Not sure about mordants in natural dyeing or ecoprinting? These 1/2 ounce packages each contain my 4 favorites:  Iron, Titanium Oxalate, Potassium Aluminum Sulfate (alum) and Copper sulfate.  They are ready to use with a description sheet included. These handy packages are for those who simply "want to see" what each mordant does without investing a lot of money in larger quantities! Each one makes half gallon or more after mixing with water. Mordants act as a fixative as well as a color changer in many plants!

I use these mordants in all my Dyeing and Ecoprinting-whether it is on paper, leather, silk or wool! My PDF Tutorials (purchase separately) have complete instructions on ecoprinting using one or more of these mordants.

I teach at many venues and have these supplies ready for my students.

Each mordant sample kit comes with a complete Information sheet on measuring and ratios. Reminder that each bag creates a half gallon or more of mordant.

2 mordant kit:

Your choice-please message your choices

* 1/2 oz package of ferrous sulfate mordant

* 1/2 oz package of Titanium Oxalate mordant

* 1/2 ox package of Copper Sulfate mordant

* 1/2 oz package of Potassium Aluminum Acetate mordant

4 mordant kit: One of each above

Enjoy a whole new world of Nature in your own backyard!

Tutorials available



Silk and Wool:

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Mordant Sample Kit, 2 or 4 Mordants Ready to Use, Mixing Instructions, Natural D

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