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 Ecoprint on Leather 4 day workshop
Feb 6-9, 2023
Stuart, FL

Finished Leather pieces.jpg

Learn how to Ecoprint on Leather 4 day Workshop

Feb 6-9  9:00 am-4:00 pm

at AYA Fiber Studio in Stuart FL


 Ecoprint on LEATHER  in Color and Natural

Dates: Tuesday, Feb 6- Friday Feb 9, 2023

Time: 9:00 am-4:00


How to Ecoprint on Leather is a comprehensive 4 day workshop held in conjunction with Aya Fiber STudio in Stuart Florida!  Suitable for all levels of experience. Ecoprinting uses the tannins, shapes and properties of Nature's leaves, plants and flowers to imprint designs onto assorted substrates such as silk, wool, linen and other fibers. Leather can be a particular challenge. So in this workshop, you will learn the techniques of creating imprints on leather with designs in color and natural. As a bonus we will also be working with paper!


What will you be doing? You’ll learn to use the tools associated with both mediums to create two beautiful Ecoprinted, hand bound Leather journals with your watercolor ecoprints as pages within your journal. Everything you need to know about how I create on leather will be covered from the actual ecoprinting techniques and tips to types of leather, care, maintenance, sealants, softening and even sewing techniques on a machine. Additionally we will also explore working with leather dyes and tinting our creations to add beautiful and flattering colors to our leather ecoprints.

The tools in the student supply kit are suitable for both leather and heavy paper hand construction. Leather techniques covered in the workshop will enable you to not only ecoprint on LEATHER but I will show you techniques on how to turn your leather designs into beautiful handbags, clothing, jewelry and even shoes!

Complete information, pricing, registrations and reservations (this one has always filled quickly!) visit Aya Fiber Studio 

Ecoprint on Leather 4 day workshop
Feb 6-9, 2023

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