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The Ultimate Guide to Ecoprinting on protein fibers! New and updated for 2024!  This comprehensive 49 page instant download tutorial introduces you to the core techniques as well as a few more advanced techniques to create your own beautiful prints on silk or wool! You will use just from the leaves and plants you have gathered from your own yard or neighborhood! Clear photos with links to videos on my YouTube channel. Learn about leaves, mordants, silk, wool, tools and the techniques to achieve beautiful results. Embrace this form of Wildcrafting  and celebrate the gifts that Nature shares with you! 

The Tutorial is divided into 6 chapters

•Step by step instructions, images and photos from preparing your fabric to creating unique, one-of-a-kind works of art on silk or wool!

•In depth look at equipment -what you need and how to use it (most of which you already have!)

•All about plants, leaves, weeds and flowers

•Mordants -what I use and where to find them and why we use them (I have a bundled kit!) My mixing ratios and formulas.

•Sources for wool, silk and mordants (I also have a bundled kit for mordants!)

•Special “Theresa’s Tips” for successful imprints that will last for years!

* Links to How To videos on my YouTube channel!

* Troubleshooting-FAQ and how to solve any challenges!

Need supplies? I have a kit created just for this Tutorial!

What I share with you is what I teach in my popular workshops across the USA! As an artist, I have worked in this art form for many years and my fiber art, fashions and accessories are in galleries and private collections around the world.

You are investing in my years of knowledge and experience and I can’t wait to guide you through what you need to know to create beautiful, one of kind imprints with leaves and plants gathered in your own garden and backyard!

You can see more of what I do at and see where I will be teaching on my workshop drop down menu.

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NEW & Updated Ecoprint Naturally on Silk and Wool, PDF Tutorial on Botanical Pri

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