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Ecoprint on Leather in Color and Natural.  This is the original 67 page Tutorial on this subject and there is nothing else out there that completely covers  everything you need to know about getting started with Ecoprinting on Leather! 

My PDF TUTORIAL on Ecoprint in Leather is 67 pages packed full of step-by-step instructions, details and photos of how I work on Leather. These are all the same techniques I share with my students in my popular workshops across the USA. I am the first US instructor to teach Ecoprinting on Leather workshops. Learn everything you know about Leather, what to look for and how to find it to save expensive mistakes! I share my knowledge on plants, mordants, equipment, dyes, and care and maintenance of leather.

You'll also find resources for leather, dyes and mordants, suppliers and tools (in US and online) You'll find “Theresa’s Tips” scattered throughout the Tutorial as well as links and my private leather workers Facebook group!

The possibilities of what you can create are endless! This comprehensive tutorial shares everything you need to know to produce your own beautiful prints on LEATHER from leaves and plants in COLOR and NATURAL. For my workshop offerings, visit:

If you are passionate about working on this form of Leather craft and want to avoid some of the financial mistakes that I made in my initial learning curve with Ecoprinting on Leather, then this Tutorial is for you :-) The price is far less than an actual workshop! As a business investment it is perfect for leather crafters or ecoprinters who see an opportunity to add additional product lines to their shops.

Need supplies to get started? Kits with 5 options:

You can see more of what I do at

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IF you are interested in a 1 week Maker's Workshop, check out my workshop to learn it ALL March 24-30, 2024 at the John C Campbell Folk School in the NC mountains! Details here:

LEATHER Crafters, Learn to Ecoprint in Color & Natural, PDF Tutorial with Video

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