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DIY Ecoprint in COLOR Supply List! Creating Natural colors from plants is exciting! But there is no doubt that adding a background color of blue, purple, brown, red....anything, can be super exciting! So here you go!

This is the perfect introduction combo package for the ecoprinter who wants to add color! Use with my Tutorial "Ecoprint in Color!"

With the exception of your finished fabrics, everything else in your kit is re-usable and ready for you to create many more scarves!

Please note that this kit accompanies my classes or the PDF Tutorial so "how to ecoprint"instructions are not included with the exception of mordant mixing.

The kits are perfect for the students who previously took my classes and would like to share with friends or the DIY ecoprinter not enrolled in a class who just wants to play without the mess of mixing dyes! Look at the student examples of what you can produce with the enclosed dye blankets. The dye used in the kit is for protein fibers!

In this kit I use PRE-dyed "blankets" for ease of use for my students. The workshops where I use these kits are designed to introduce the techniques of dye blankets to students and open up doors for exploration! You can get up to 3 additional imprints before re-dyeing your pre-dyed blankets for continued use! (information included)

Student Supply Kit for Ecoprinting in COLOR:

• 2 Wood dowels-10” in length

• 1/2 oz package of Iron (ferrous sulfate) mordant plus mixing instructions

* 1/2 oz package of potassium aluminum sulfate (alum)

•1 hemmed silk scarf fabric (Grade A silk habatoi)

•1 unhemmed wool scarf fabric (fine weave organic merino wool)

* 2 pre-dyed blankets (dark blue) Look at my student results!

•Twine, rubber bands

* List of additional Supplies needed-most found in your home

Ecoprinting is collecting leaves, flowers and plants and imprinting them onto your wool and silk in an easy to learn wildcrafting technique (see in my PDF) using what Mother Nature has shared with you in her plants!

Enjoy a whole new world of Nature from your own backyard!

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Ecoprint in Color Supply Kit 2 for DIY Ecoprinters, Combo Package with Mordants,

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