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Dye Blankets ready for  Ecoprinting in COLOR! Add color to the background of your  ecoprinted silk or wool scarf! Use with my Tutorial "Ecoprint in Color!" 

Pre-dyed with manufactured dyes (they do not fade!) These 9" x 55" dye blankets are designed for protein fibers such as silk and wool. The backgrounds available are dark navy, purple, blue and red. I have limited stock on all. Use more than once-up to 3 times! Subsequent uses soften the color and the cloth carrier will eventually need to be washed and re-dyed. Instructions included for my particular dye. FOR SILK AND WOOL!

Ones for Cellulose fibers coming soon as well as larger blankets.

Colors can vary! All will be in the variation you ordered. All are hand dyed by me in pots and dyes mixed. Your results can vary depending on your silk and wool.

These are the same dye blankets that I use in my online and in person workshops! Please note that these "carrier blankets" accompany my classes or the PDF Tutorial so "how to ecoprint"instructions are not included. However, "How to Use and continue to use your Dye Blanket" are!

The kits are also perfect for the DIY ecoprinter not enrolled in a class who just wants to play without the mess of mixing dyes! Look at the student examples of what you can produce with the dye blankets. No mess, no fuss, convenient with awesome results! Check my workshop page for upcoming virtual workshops for learning the techniques for adding color to your botanical prints!

Ecoprinting is collecting leaves, flowers and plants and imprinting them onto your wool and silk in an easy to learn wildcrafting technique (see in my PDF) using what Mother Nature has shared with you in her plants! Enjoy a whole new world of Nature from your own backyard!

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Dye Blankets, 4 Colors Pre-dyed For Ecoprinting on Protein Fabrics, Re-usable, C

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