Michigan Fiber Festival

Aug 18-22, 2021 Allegan, Michigan

Screenshot_2021-05-12 Michigan Fiber Fes


Michigan Fiber festival is scheduled to be open to the public in August 2021

Last year the Fiber fest was sadly canceled. This year it will be an open air event featuring vendors, workshops, contests, herding and a number of additional events for which it has become popular over the years!

Contact them here: https://www.michiganfiberfestival.info/

I will be teaching 2 Ecoprint workshops as well as the popular "Easy Dye Silk Scarves" workshop there!:

1.  Ecoprint on Silk and Wool
2. Ecoprint on Silk and Wool in color

3. Easy Dye Silk Scarves

Please visit the website https://www.michiganfiberfestival.info/ for online registration (and dates). The event organizers are great for updated information via the phone or email! Phone: 269-948-2497 | Email: staff@michiganfiberfestival.info